Katie Hudak, UX Designer, Interaction Designer, Google Designer

Interaction Designer
specializing in machine learning & design ethics

Interaction Designer specializing in Machine Learning, design ethics & communication experiences

I have dual citizenship in the EU & US.
I also enjoy Missy Elliott & a good scotch ;)

I also enjoy Missy Elliott
& a good scotch ;)

Katie Hudak-Kay, Katie Hudak, Google Designer, Material Design, Seattle Designer, Interaction Design

At Google I worked on three teams specializing in machine learning & platform consistency. I lead & launched some of the most impactful features in my products history. I owe it all to the user. Every element of my design work comes back to their needs. This work is password protected. Scroll down for an overview or email me to get access.

Katie Hudak, Designer on Hangouts, Google Designer, Interaction Designer

On Hangouts, Google’s original chat experience, appearing in your email, as a standalone desktop app, and on your mobile devices, I brought clarity to people’s identities and established critical framework for Google’s next-gen enterprise chat experience.

Hangouts is used by more than 25 million people daily

Katie Hudak, Interaction Designer, Google Designer

Hangouts Meet is an enterprise platform that launched publicly in March of 2017. As a designer on the team, I audited the six product platform interfaces and developed designs for both iOS and Android Devices, that enabled the public release.

While on Meet, I championed pattern consistency on devices such as TVs, conference room devices, touch screens, and speakers by leveraging research and working with the Material Design Team to create new and scalable design principles.

Katie Hudak Interaction Designer

I was one of the first designers on the Android Messages team. I was responsible for creating user centered designs and introducing AI into
the app through planning and collaboration across the product area
and the company.

I facilitated design sprints and exercises with stakeholder that lead to actionable feature work and resulted in the shipment of several of Messages’ most statistically significant and impactful releases.

Messages is used by over 2 million users every day

Katie Hudak, Hudak-Kay, Designer, UX, UI, Smartsheet
Katie Hudak, Designer for Smartsheet, Designer at Google